What a treasure! I love your creativity! My eight year loves hearing them over & over, and I certainly don't mind reading them. Thanks for sharing.

I have a daughter who is six years old. She absolutely loves your stories. We both love your stories. As I read, her face lights up, she laughs, and I can see in her eyes an imagination running wild! Story time has become an event! Other members of our family gather around to listen to me tell your stories. "mike mountain" is our favorite. We've ordered your book and are anxiously waiting for its arrival. Please keep writing!

My son and I read your stories and couldn't stop laughing!! Your sense of humour is just AMAZING! Keep writing!! :)

Hi again ! Just want to say that your book has brought us so much laughter and fun. We have read the stories at least 3 times each and some over and over again . Thats You That Is , had all of us in stitches !!!! Your writing has encouraged the wild imagination inside my two kids and got them thinking of life in a less conventional way! I have never heard them laugh so much at anything else and doubt if I will. I have bought several books for other relatives and shared your website with many more. Keep on writing and making us feel Good !!

Hello I think your stories are great! My five years old daughter really enjoyed "Becky and George". She laughed so much! Even now, I have to read this story once a week, and I still have her laughing uncontrollably. Your stories are really fun, creative and relevant. As a parent, it's interesting to me, as well. Thank you!

I just love your stories my daughter is someone that doesn't laugh for anything funny but this has changed her thanks!!!!!!!! More new story's please!!!!

Hi GD, This is the collection of funniest stories I have ever read , congratulations for this creation… but we need more so ….please inform where I can get remaining stories ??

I just want you to know how much my daughter and I have enjoyed your bedtime stories. The first one that I read to her was Kevin the Very Old Rabbit - when I read the title she said, "that sounds boring," - WELL, we laughed and laughed, even after we turned out the lights and I was in my own bed, we were yelling down the hall and laughing and laughing, she thought that it was hysterical that he had a purse and he was a man! I thought it was hysterical that she never questioned the fact that he was a 146 year old rabbit who drove a car, collected a pension, etc, etc, but stopped me when I said that he pulled out his purse! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your stories; they are the best bedtime stories EVER! I just ordered your book and do hope that you continue to write more stories. We keep reading the same ones over and over and continue to enjoy them each time! Thank you so much!

Hi gordon: I am a mother of 2, my eldest daughter is 7 and my youngest is 6. They love your stories and I love it too,,, how I wish I had your stories during my time!!! Keep up the good job, and I am sure you will have a long way ahead of you. Good luck:

Mr Dioxide I am 26 years old and I found your stories most delightful! I bought the book and I did a silly dance when I got it. I am a writer myself. I specialize in the diabolical arts of advertising, though, but I write some crazy stories on the side.. One day I might have the privilege of showing them to you... Thank you for your magic, Mr. Dioxide!!

I have just read Kevin the very old rabbit to my 1 year old boy, I couldn't stop laughing whitch started him laughing which got me in trouble with his MUM! I loved your story, and so did he. Tomorrow am going read him another story from your collection.

Dear Mr GO2. I read the Mufty squirrel pie story to my kid. She had a great laugh. She said she will be careful with pepper.

Hi there It was my first time that i surfed your website last night to read story to my 9 years old daughter. We both enjoyed so much. It was not even exciting but fun for me as an actor. My daughter thought that story was alive when i was reading it. Brilliant stories, easy to read and understand, perfect begining and end. We r definitly will be reading every night and spreading words about your website. Thanking you

Hello Gordon, I found your site with bedtime stories. I wanted you to know that I absolutely love reading my 5 and 7 year old girls your stories at bedtime! Your stories have enabled and inspired me to take the time when I am home to share this special bedtime experience with my precious daughters. I thank you greatly for listing them on line for me to find and I appreciate your humor in each story so far. I told my daughters that I would read every one of your stories, one a night for every night that I get to put them to bed. It has been a great experience for all of us! We especially liked the Mole in a hole story. When they heard about the baby that fell in the gravy, they laughed from the bottom of their bellies which in turn made me laugh out loud. What a funny story! Thank you again for sharing your talent with the world.

Hey. I just wanted to tell you that I love your writing. your bedtime stories. Im 17 and I find them funny to read, my girlfriends loves listening to them when she is sleepy. Just keep up the work:-) The story about the rabbit who was 200 was phenomenal. Good work, pal. Keep it up. I want a copy of your book if you have a spare... I could also use your writing of a second book. Thanks.:) Stay cool Gordon Dioxide!

My children, ages 4 and 6 years old, love your stories! They are just long enough for them and look forward to reading a different story at bed time! Thank you so much!

i love your stories. i read them to my girlfriend all the time. too bad theres not enough for all the days of the year. ps. my hamster enjoys them too

Hello, Tonight I was searching the web for some bedtime stories to read to my grandchild. I had run out of the regular stories and wanted something short, sweet and slightly different. And then I ran across your site. I loved, loved the story of "Chicken" so much. I had to laugh because the names of these characters sounds like words I make up all the time. If you should ever put them in a book I would love to buy a set to show my family that my 'made up' words are not so bad after all

Dear Gordon My Daughter (7 yrs old) and I ( slightly older than 7) enjoy your stories. We have only read a few but find them quite different and quite funny. :-) We particularly like the questions at the end and have fun just before settling down for bed thinking about the story we have read and answering the questions. Thank you for your stories

Hi Gordon Hope you are well !! We have read all the stories on your website and we love them. When will you be uplaoding more (how cheeky?!) We are from South Africa and my kids absolutely love them (myself too :)

Hey, I wanted to tell you that I love reading your stories..You are a very good writer. Thanks for sharing your cute stories.They are my favorite bedtime stories. Thanks,

Hi Gordon Dioxide, So my boyfriend and I are definitely not within the 5-11 age range but we LOVE your stories. We're long distance so we take turns reading each other your bedtime stories and end up laughing to most of them. We're really hoping you come out with new, exciting stories. Our favorites are the crazy ones like the squirrel that was going to be eaten by the bear, and the bear's head exploded. Or the animals and the waiter on their European adventure.

G'day Gordon, We just want to thank you for your fantastic stories full of fun and creativity, you do make our nights here in Australia - even though we from Brazil- so much funner. We have a great time and laugh reading your stories. Thanks mate!!!

Just a quick line to let you know we have recently found your stories through a search engine, I read them to my 5 year old son and 8 year old daughter, we all find them as funny as each other so age isn't a barrier for your humour. Last night we were all laughing so much at 'my life story' that we literally had to stop half way and go to bed, we finished this evening when our funny bones could cope. Thanks very much, brilliant writing.

Your stories completely knock out my four and seven years old boys. Thank you for creating such unique stories for my children to go to bed with. Just found this site on google search.

Dear Mr.Dioxide, Your humorous stories always want me to read another one. I can never get tired of your stories. Please write more stories. And I loved how you used a line "when I was younger so much younger than today" in a story, a line from my favorite band Beatles. Thank you for writing these stories and making me laugh.

Hello Gordon, I just read two of your bed time stories to a little boy and girl. They picked out Mufty the Squirrel and My Life Story. They both loved them very much and enjoyed aswering the questions. I also think they were wonderful. Thank you greatly for writing such engaging stories, with such great humour that even the adult reader can appreciate. Thanks again P.S. the boy and girl were 18 years of age, and it was a nice conrast to watching scary horror movies all night.

Hey Gordon!!! I just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic collection of stories! I'd been looking at other sites for ages and stumbled across yours last week! I find it hard to read them because they have me in stitches!!! The kids absolutely love them and often it's hard to leave the room because they simply want more!!! Keep up the good work!!!

I stumbled upon your stories whilst looking for something to read my 5 year old. We had a cracking laugh reading them. I'm still laughing myself at Dr Felt Tip Pen Belt Bit Ben

My 7 year old LOVES to read a Gordon Dioxide story every night. It is a treat for him. Thanks for making such interesting stories. His favorite is Kevin the very old rabbit!

my nine year old and myself loved reading u r bed time stories.. I specially like the flow and ther language of your stories :) keep up the good work. Please keep adding more stories so that we never run out of them

Hello, I have to say my children and I always make up silly stories before bed so when I came across your stories I knew they would love them, and they did.. thanks for sharing.. the video was a great addition.

Hi Gordon, I'm sure that must be your pen name :) just read Kevin the very old Rabbit to my partner- we we're having a restless night after a blistering 33 degrees in Kefalonia. I found the story on-line using google - Bedtime stories for kids, what a hilarious Story - We both laughed out loud and I'm hoping that endorphin release will relax us both for a good nights sleep. Noticed you have a book- wishing you all the best with that- may look to buy a copy when I get back to England for my nephew - really liked the Quiz at the end of the story a great comprehension test for kids. Good night. All the best and thanks.

Dear Gordon, My son and I are great fans of your bedtime stories. His favorite is Another Monday Morning and he has to watch Six Bears in a pickle on YouTube every night before he goes to bed. Thank you for your offbeat stories. We both enjoy them very much. We've read all your stories several times and are looking forward to your next book.

My dad use to read these to me when I was little I always loved hearing them. Recently we went on a vacation together with some of our other familys. I was looking at children stories and I stumbled across my favoritte. Can you guess? I read it to my dad and he fell asleep. Your stories are cute and in a way the taught me things. Thankyou Gordon for sharing our stories to the public on the Internet without anyone having to pay for them.

Gordon, I think perhaps you may be a genius! I have read three of your stories to my 11 year old in the last two days & the last one, Mike Mountain, made us laugh until we cried! I am originally from the UK but live in Canada now. Picture this- myself, my daughter and my wife laying on the bed laughing so much I could hardly read on, my wife wasn't even going to stay and listen to the story, she is very glad she did! I look forward to reading more and purchasing your book, Thank you for making us laugh this evening!

Dear Gordon, My daughters love your stories. So do I by the way. We've downloaded your book, but we've almost read all of the stories. Have you written any more story books? We've searched, but we haven't found any more. We've watched the video on YouTube several times. So I wondered if perhaps you had written some more stories under a different name. If you haven't written any more stories then we would very much like you to do so because they are really funny.

Hi gordon, love reading your stories to my little boy. Will there be a 2nd book soon by chance?

Hi Gordon, My son LOVES your stories. He's 8 yrs old and makes me read at least one to him every night. Keep the GREAT work up!

I just happened upon your webpage and read one of your stories. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your story about Elmy and Oaky. Truly delightful, keep up the great work.

Hey gordon my daughter loves your stories very much, she can't sleep without them thank you so much

I just read the interesting things about broccoli because I was actually trying to look it up so I know how to spell it. I loved the silly story and I answered all the questions at the end! Also I have now learned (or as you say learnt) how to spell broccoli but I just had to write you and let you know how much fun I had reading your stories. Thank you

Dear Gordon Dioxide, Thank you so much for having such a fun way to end our day! My Hubby, 7yr old Daughter and I <3 to read your silly stories! We take our time to laugh and find all the fun things you have added to your stories! Even our cats listen and we suspect that you are their favorite Author! Please do more YouTube readings of your stories. They are perfect for those times when we've used up all my words for the day! So keep up the good work and Butterfly {>|<} Kisses all around! ; )

Dear Mr Gordon, Just a quick email to give you feedback on a couple of your stories. One evening, much like tonight. My girlfriend of 18 wanted me to read her a bed time story as it makes her fall asleep very easily, but being 20 and very un-imaginative I thought I would hunt on the internet for something to read her. I stumbled across your website and tracked down a few stories.'Interesting Broccoli' and 'Kevin The Very Old Rabbit'. I would just like to say how much I enjoyed reading them, and how quickly my girlfriend fell asleep! That's the sign of a good story believe it or not!!

Gordon, I stumbled across your website and stories a little over a year ago. I just turned 25 and my girlfriend is a year younger and we both enjoy how odd and over the top they are. I have the site bookmarked in my phone and every now and then when she jokingly asks me to tell her a bedtime story I read her one. Sometimes, like just now, she actually falls asleep, and im entertained laughing to myself. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for the great stories, we love them!

Hi Gordon, I have had the most fantastic experience reading out your Mufti the Squirril story to a group of 7 year olds who had a roaring time especially with giant Claws the Gluesome Grizzly Bear. The story was clever, witty, unusual, and fun. They loved it and I thank you.

Dear Mr. Dioxide- We wanted to let you know that we are thankful for your wonderful, whimsical, fantastic and humorous stories. You are an adopted member of our family as we enjoy one of your bedtime stories every night. Our oldest wishes to inquire when you will release another book. I told him that it was very likely that you were waiting for the demands of your fans before you let loose any more of the world's greatest (albeit bizarre) bedtime stories. In any event, we simply wished to thank you for bringing joy and peaceful fun into our home. You are a gem.

Dear Gordon Dioxide, My grandkids absolutely love your wonderful stories that you put on line. The stories are so funny that they would like to read more, so if there are more of these stories that you can put on line they would be very grateful. (this is being written by the grandkids..!)

I have used my children to try and blackmail you. I think you should write some more stories and I will happily buy them. You could write them and get people to pay to download them. I spoke to three other mums today who are downloading your stories as I 'speak'. If you decide to hang up your pen for good I will understand but it will be a shame.

Dear Gordon, I had to write to you to tell you how much my two boys LOVE your stories. They are both avid readers, but they are extremely critical of many of the books I buy and always seem to have a fair amount of negative feedback when they complete a book. However, where your stories are concerned they only have huge amounts of praise. I have been downloading your stories from the website and reading them out to the boys at bedtime. They roar with laughter every time I read one out and they insist on me leaving the story with them so that they can read it again and again. I rarely see them laugh the way they do at your stories, it's that real belly laugh and I have to wait for them to compose themselves in order for me to continue. From my point of view, the stories are a perfect length. I don't feel as though I am reading to them for hours instead of working at my computer with a glass of wine, and they don't feel shortchanged by a ridiculously short story. Please can you write some more? We've read all the stories on your website (except for Mike Mountain - tonight's story) and the boys keep making me check your website to see if any more have appeared. You have a very funny style and I applaud you - and thank you - for making bedtimes easier.

Hi Just had to let you know that my 6 year old son keeps falling off the bed from laughing at your stories so much! cheers

My 6 year old daughter LOVES our stories. Thanks

I just read your old rabbit story to my future wife over skype because she is in school far away from me and we have to talk on the phone and internet and such. She said it was the best bedtime story she ever heard. Thanks for posting it on the net and keep up the good work!

Dear Gordon. Really like your bedtime stories as does my 9 year old. I would think about putting up a PayPal donation link. I would pay a dollar (or pound or euro etc etc) or two … I hope 1 Million others out there do so also. Then you can buy lots of hats. Keep up the good work and good luck.

Hi Gordon, I just started reading your stories (4 so far) with my 8 year old daughter. They are amazing!! So, so funny. We really have a good laugh before bed. Why are you not on facebook? I would love to see you there with you updating it every so often with a comment or news. You might make more sales too.... I'll buy your book from lulu this weekend. They are really, really good. Absurd, weird and wonderful.

Hi Gordon, Can I just say that your stories are a god send. I unfortunately do not have my children over night often and your stories have given their bedtime a new lease of life when they stay. I am always so impressed at how much they listen and are able to answer your well written questions! I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are very much appreciated and I wanted to thank you. I hope this email finds you well? I also wish you a happy new year and once again thank you so much. All my best regards,

I've been reading your bedtime stories to my grandsons when they have sleep-overs for the last couple years. They always want one of your crazy stories. Now we've gotten through all of them and have hit a few twice. They're very enjoyable. Are you writing more?

Hi Gordon, I'm 18 years old and my girlfriend is 19 and we read your stories all the time! They're hysterical and have really helped ease the hardness of our long distance relationship. She works in the children's section of our local library so she's a children's story connoisseur. I actually just purchased a copy of your book to give to her in the near future (but don't tell her yet!).

Dear Gordon, I really like all of your slightly odd bedtime stories, my boyfriend and I read them almost every night. They don't necessarily put us to sleep, but most of the time they make us chuckle. We really appreciate you posting them on the interweb. We're almost done reading them all and hope that you post some more soon.

Dear Gordon I stumbled across your stories on a google search about 6 months ago and all of your stories are now our family night time routine. My son of 5 has some particular favorites and knows your list of stories by heart. He loves the two Daves the most. We are a family of potters who make whimsical ceramic monsters so we truly relate to the quirk in your stories. Please keep writing and sharing. We're ordering your book this week to financially enable you. Thanks for all the happy good nights!

Hi Gordon, My kids and I love your stories. I haven't found anything like them online. I love to sit in the rocking chair in their room and read from my iPod. We especially love the questions to see if you were listening. I do have to americanize some of the vocab, but I still love it.

Dear Mr.Dioxide, I love your stories very very much, so much that none can compare! I have read, and been read every one of your stories on your website and i just can't get enough. I was wondering if you have any others that you have written? Or if you will ever write any more.

Hello Gordon, Can I just congratulate you on the masterpiece that is 'Mufty the Squirrel'. I read it over IChat to my ill boyfriend in an attempt to cheer him up. I laughed heartily the whole way through, rendering the storytelling exercise a complete shambles, but what a smile it brought to our faces. I now intend to read into this collection further. Thankyou for making an average day a fairly middling to average day.

My 10 year old son ( he asked me to spell that 'sun' as he is very fond of himself) wanted to let you know this: "I don't get that much money in my allowance so therefore require a discount on your flippin awesome book." his words not mine. Here's what my five year old has to say: ".....I forgot." what she means to say Is we read your stories to eachother and have a nice giggle. Thanks for that.

i loved your stories for kids. although i am now 16, i still love to read your stories before going to bed. thank you for writing them.

Hi Gordon- I am here in a hotel the middle of some corn fields. I have my two boys, ages five and seven, with me. We have been driving all afternoon to see my parents and grandma. So we met them, ate dinner, played some Wii games, and came to this lousy hotel. It was a long day without a lot of action. I call them "my two river otters," so people will get an idea of how it is to spend time with them when they have extra energy. Here I am with two boys who decide no matter how tired they are, jumping on the bed and trying to wreck the room sounds like a lot more fun than sleeping. So after I lost my one last bit of patience, I googled for bedtime stories: "bedtime story boys," to be specific. And there you were. Thank you soooo much! Thank you for making them easy to get to, without requiring a download of Adobe or an upgrade of some kind, or six different members-only pass codes plus a credit card. I would have totally skipped reading your excellent worthy-of-bedtime-for-boys work. We read the interesting broccoli man story, the my brother story, and Kevin the very old rabbit story. In that order. We all liked the questions at the end. I liked how the stories are so conversational, and in a comfortable read aloud and friendly tone, written in a seemingly never ending way. And now, there they are, nicely asleep at last. You saved the day for all of us. And when we get home, there is a good chance we'll get a copy of your book for further bedtime adventures. Thank you very much. We'll be back for more tomorrow, promise! We love bedtime stories!

Hi Mr. Dioxide (if that is your real name), Thank you so much for your wonderfully witty stories. My niece & I have a pretty silly sense of humor, and we just can't get enough of your stories. Please write more! Your great fans!

Dear Mr. Dioxide I am a thirty-four-year-old person, but by reading your marvelous stories (I came across them by accident)I felt that I am not that old and that I am still a child. I liked your funny and a little bit eccentric characters. As for your humor it is great. Generally, after reading we can always pick one or two stories that we liked, but this time I found it difficult as I was fascinated by all of them. If I had a child I would definitely read your stories to it before and not only before bed-time. Thank you for your works and I wish you wrote more stories. P.S. At the end of the stories were the questions and especially the last ones were very original. For example Would you like to pour some milk into somebody's socks tomorrow? Can you make up a really bad song about carrots? How did Bradley stop the polar bear from eating him? If you were a mountain, what would you eat for breakfast?

Hi, We are trying to buy your book from Lulu but they are down for maintenance. My five year old daughter cant get enough of your stories. They make us hoot with laughter. It’s exactly the kind of sense of humour we love and the absurdity is very refreshing. We particularly like the Interesting Broccoli story and the Land of Fantastic Names. Have you written more? Are you selling professionally? We would love to read more!

Hi Gordon. I live is South Africa.It is about one o'clock at night here and I am struggling to sleep.That was when I got the bright idea of reading a bedtime story for myself.I am almost 19 years old lol.My mum used to read us bedtime stories so I thought this would help,and might i say that it was a pleasure reading about an old rabbit that went on a trip around the world!I enjoyed it very much.

Hi Gordon, My sons and i recently discovered your bedtime stories and have found them quite entertaining. I have even recommended them to others as well. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Dear Mr Dioxide (can I call you Gordon?), May I just say what a stunning stumble-upon your website has been! I've waited in eager anticipation every day for the last week for bedtime to arrive just to see the wonderous look of bewilderment on my girls faces, whilst watching their daddy chuckle like a school girl!! Priceless!! (well actually it does have a price of ?9.99 which I shall be parting with forthwith in order to receive the other six stories!) My only gripe is that my daughters have stunning memories and so therefore, in the not too distant future, I may have ran out of enjoyment!! Keep up the good work!! Toodle pip

Gordon, So glad you wrote these stories. My kids love them! I’ll elaborate more when I get to read them myself – so far it’s just been my husband

my kids love your stories stories which is good, because I was plum out of them myself! I have to Americanize the Britishisms, but other than that, they're perfect. Thank you!

Hello Gordon I just wanted to say thank you. My kids and I have really enjoyed your work. We love your bedtime stories.

Gordon, I loved the LOFN. I'll come back and read more. Kind regards,

Hi Gordon, Firstly, your stories are absolutely ridiculous........ I absolutely love them. I went looking on google for bedtime stories as my 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl were getting tired of the same stoies and to be honest, I can't read boring stories or find quality literature thesedays. Great children stories have become extremely rare... After downloading 2 of your stories (KEVIN THE RABBIT and Land of names) my children (and I) were in fits of laughter, my son giggled until the tears ran down his face. I think you are a genius and a master at story telling, you kept us all entertained and I loved it. I will be downloading all of your stories and will keep them in a special book so that oneday my kids can keep it and tell their children oneday. It was the most bedtime fun we have had in ages. Thanks for sharing your work, your passion, your stories - they rock ! Where can we buy your books ? We are from SOUTH AFRICA. Thanks again, you are leaving a wonderful mark.........

Dear Gordon, I stumbled upon your bed time stories from a google search, and have been looking for some good quality reads for about a week now. A lot of other online stories are garbage.To be honest, I was really impressed with your work. I knew right after I read your 'directions' that something good was in store. I ended up reading 'Kevin The Very Old Rabbit' to my ex-girlfriend, and found myself laughing out loud somewhere in the middle. Awesome tale! Keep up the good work. I want to read all of them now, but I'm going to read them one at a time, nightly!

Gordon, Genius. Loved the stories i have read and plan to read them amongst my youth group to get them to think about writing "alternatively"...well done!

Great stories, my daughter enjoys listening and reading them. (They're not just for bedtime!) They are very funny and creative. She enjoys pretending to have an English accent. (She's actually quite good at it!) Fish-n-chips, too-ta-loo!

Hi Gordon! Is that your real name? My daughter and I really love your stories. We finished reading all the stories you have in your site. After we read all your stories, we tried to find more, but couldn't so we looked for stories by other writers. However, we couldn't find any as good as your stories. We think that nobody can make them like you do. You're the best!! We were wondering where we could get your stories. Do you have new ones that aren't on your site? Thanks!

Dear Gordon, I have just read Becky and George with my 7 year old. We have been crying with laughter! Particularly the ironing board game part! We were laughing so much I could not continue to read for about 5 minutes. It was lovely to see him laugh so heartily - thank you for giving us that moment - one I will always treasure ...

We've just discovered your stories (thanks to Google) and I've read two of them to my young daughters in bed - The Animal Race and Kevin the Very Old Rabbit. Brilliant! And very funny! Wish you luck, you have a talent

You have my sense of humour! Bravo! I am sharing this with everyone I know! Simply the best kids books on earth. Period.

Hi Gordon I just thought I'd drop you a quick note to let you know that my children love your bedtime stories. When I'm too tired to make up my own, I lie on the bedroom floor and read them using my iPhone, they have come in very handy for all of us. However, they did want me to let you know that Interesting Broccoli wasn't very interesting at all! Their favourites are Land of Fantastic Names and Normal Rat Sets a New world Counting Record (my personal favourite too). Thank you for your stories and for publishing them online for free, I'm great a believer in rewarding people who create value so I've ordered your book in time for Christmas. I hope there are more books to come. Many thanks

Dear Gordon, I read the story about Kevin over the phone to a friend of mine as a "bed time story" and she totally loved it. She is 38 years old.

Hello Gordon. It was an absolute pleasure to come across your web site this evening. We were looking for some bedtime stories and Google led us to you. What a funny thing Google is. We thoroughly enjoyed a couple of your stories. Our choices were : I am a mole. Kevin from Swindon. Interesting Broccoli. We just wanted to let you know how grateful we were. We're currently in France staying on a farm, and your stories were just what we needed to accompany our hot chocolates. Hope you are well wherever you are.

Just came across your site and read my 9-year-old the "Another Monday Morning" story, which (coupled with my display of silly accents) he loved!! Just wanted to thank you for sharing such odd, wonderful bedtime stories we can share with each other!

Gordon, I am 46 and have an eight year old. About four years ago I sang “Oh my darlin’ Clementine” to him one night. That quickly became an every night event in our home. My son got bored with Clementine and so I would replace her with other people in his life and make up words. I am quite good at making up parities of songs. After seeing the movie “Bedtime Stories,” my son figured I was equally as talented at making up stories on the fly. Simply put – I am not. One night I was working late when my son phoned. I googled “children’s bedtime stories” and your site was the first that came up. You have made a hero out of me and he loves your stories. I cannot thank you enough.

Tonight i read the story Kevin the very old rabbit to my 2 daughters, heres what they said.... I thought it was cool and funny but the part i mostly liked is when Kevin the very old bunny fell in love with Mildred Parker! Could you write a story about a very old frog I like frogs better then rabbits and I think Kevin could use a friend for when Mildred Parker is driving him crazy and also my favorite part of that story was when Kevin thought the letter he received was a love letter from Mildred Parker and threw it away. I liked your story very much! I as a mother enjoyed the references to the famous people and the " see if you were paying attention questions" thank you for sharing this story with our family we are kinda short on money like so many others these days and cant even afford to drive to the library let alone buy them new books so you can imagine how excited i was to find a fresh new bedtime story!

Dear Gordon, Your stories are fantastic. I read them each evening, translating them in Italian. It is a tough job to do, but the stories are that great fun that it’s worth it!

Hello Only read a couple and I think that your style is original and very funny. My son likes them too. very refreshing style. Good luck

We loved it! wish they were all animated and read by you. One way of entertaining my kids before bed. thank you.

Thanks our these stories. Our three boys really like them and the video too. They would like you to write a story about Dinosaurs. Thanks for the stories.

I have been reading your stories to my 4 year old for the past couple of weeks and we have both enjoyed them thoroughly. At one point she laughed so much that she coughed up one of her half-chewed Shreddies. We especially enjoyed the video you (I presume) made of '6 Bears Get in a Pickle' and do hope you would consider making some more. Hope everything is well.

Gordon, Just wanted to say that your stories are awesome, I decided to start telling my kids a bedtime story every night and did a search and came upon your work, ordered your book too so we could get the six added stories, do you have or plan to do more?

Hi I would just like to say how much I like your stories, I was looking on the net for new bedtime stories for my 3 year old and started reading yours, he fell asleep straight away and I couldn’t stop reading them they are so funny. I’ll probably spend the rest of the night reading them. Thanks

Your stories are awesome and funny. My son and I have been enjoying reading them before bed! Thanks a lot.

Hi Gordon, just a quick message to say thanks for these stories, i find my 5yr old daughter loves them to tell the truth so do i and i'm 34,(lol) theyr'e very educational and sometimes funny. Keep up the excellent work!

The stories are great!!! My 9 year old and myself love them:-). Please write some more.

I suppose you'll have to keep writing brilliantly funny stories, as I'm about to run out of them...and the dog is sleeping on my foot. Your randomness (is that a word) is just great.

Any chance there are more coming? We've run out and my daughter is distraught!

Hello! We just downloaded your book. After searching online for a quick, funny story to tell my boys before bedtime I found your website. My son (8yrs) picked the interesting broccoli story. We laughed so hard we nearly fell out of our chairs. Then my son (10yrs) picked the Six bears get in a pickle and laughed even harder than the previous story - some of us even snorted a little! Thank you very much for writing these stories. You are very clever. Please let us know when you write new stories!

Dear Mr. "Dioxide," Thank you for the stories that you have posted online. You have no idea how much of a help they have been. I'm a graduate student in Canada and one of my good friends, who happens to be 23 years old, has trouble sleeping at night sometimes and she always asks me to read her a bedtime story. At first I thought: "This girl can't be serious." She was. So I searched online for stories and was intrigued by your stories; I never know what to expect, not to mention the subtle humor that you manage to weave in somehow. I'm sure you get several 'thank you' emails but I'm not sure how many are from childless people. So I had to send this to let you know that as an end of university gift, I will buy my friend your book so she can read it to her children one day. Why am I telling you this? Because you deserve to know how much of a positive impact you have on people's lives. Thanks again.

Gordon, My son loves your stories (7 years old), and I love reading them to him. I have laughed out loud over and over while reading them. Keep up the good work!

this is fab! i couldn't stop laughing till i woke the baby up again. keep up the great work We LOVE them! Please keep'em coming... pretty please!!!!! My son begs for them every night, and we've just about run out... You have OUR sense of humor. Thank you.

I used Google and came across your website. I travel a fair amount on business and read two stories to my five year old daughter tonight, Kevin the very old rabbit and six bears get in a pickle. I enjoyed the originality of the stories and some relevant information that she was able to relate to in the stories. She enjoyed them very much. I will probably purchase a book, and hope you continue to have stories on the web so I can read the bedtime stories to her when I am not able to carry a book on my travel. Thanks,

Dear Gordon Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed your Two Birthday Cards and a Newspaper story - my daughter absolutely loved it. Thanks

Hi Gordon In my temporary capacity as a chidren’s centre worker, I’m running a slightly boring storytelling/making group for kids…slightly boring because they’re mostly between 1 and 2 yrs old therefore not so great yet) at retelling the story/acting things out.. having not yet acquired much in the way of language skills…did a google search for chicken licken as I have some rather nice glove puppets… Laughed out loud at your ridiculous story, especially as I’d just been doing my own version of the story with the cow glove puppet (cowsy wowsy), and the horse glove puppet (horsey worsey)…hmmmm….looking forward to reading some more of your stories!

Gordon, Your stories are absolutely hilarious. I love reading them, they always give me a good laugh!